Full polo immersion: No matter if you’re completely new to the game, or you’re a seasoned professional, the Jurassic Park Polo Academy has plenty to offer all players, of all skills.

We examine your whole game, from all angles, and assist you to focus on the areas that need the most improvement.




We believe that the wooden horse is one of the most important tools for effective coaching. “Stick and Ball”, penalty hitting and practice chukkas ensure that the basics learned on the wooden horse are put into practice on the field. This is done each morning before, the on field coaching commences.



Techniques that you will learn include, balance, riding posture, stopping, turning at speed, rollbacks, rapid acceleration, positioning, awareness, ride offs and how to school your own ponies.





By understanding this dynamic game, being aware of where your opponents and team mates are, and most of all knowing where the line of the ball and play is, you will increase your options on the field and improve your performance.

Training techniques used at Jurassic Park are: In game coaching, matched opposition, game awareness, field positioning, penalty plays, line out patterns, team communication and set plays.




Polo is not necessarily the easiest of games to understand, and that’s before you’ve even gotten onto the field.

We like to combine the practical and the theory of polo as much as we can, and therefore during breaks between exercises, chukkas and wooden horse practice, we discuss the theory behind the plays and your specific plays. This is an invaluable tool, in visually understanding field position, game play, and the flow of the match. In addition, this is immediately reinforced by putting into practice the theory, with afternoon chukkas.

Techniques employed will include: Player positions & roles, rules, set plays, fouls, penalties, flow of the game, play analysis & discussions.



"If you come here for the polo, then its superb. If you come here for the holiday, then its superb. But if you come here to be welcomed into a family then its beyond description. Enjoy !!"
Steve & Deirdre Corker - London UK

"You know you have had the best time ever when you come for 4 days and stay for 9!!!!! Our Happy Place. Watch out, we’ll be back xxx"
Duncan, Heidi Courtney & Dylan Hill

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